Patient Management

We offer a broad range of simulators and skills trainers for doctors, nursing, paramedical and midwives trainings starting from high-fidelity simulators with lifelike features upto low fidelity basic patient care solutions. This allows the learners to practice of technical skills and non-technical skills such as diagnosis, interprofessional team training necessary for emergency care in a safe environment. This also helps students with critical thinking, communication and clinical skills including community care procedures.

Ultrasound Solution

We offer a wide range of options including high-fidelity ultrasound simulators for ObGyn, Cardiac, Lung and FAST Abdomen with normal and abnormal pathologies. We also have ultrasound phantom training models for more than 20 medical specialties for advanced interventional training using real ultrasound machine.


Surgical Solution

High-fidelity virtual reality simulators from global leaders like Mentice, Virtamed, Medvision, and CAE allow learners in practicing psychomotor skills associated with minimally invasive surgical and interventional procedures in a risk-free environment. The haptics provides accurate visual, audio and tactile force feedback responses and adds to realism. Students practice on laparoscopic, endovascular and Ob/Gyn procedures and it offers measurable improvement in skills.

Skills Training Solution

We assist with skill training requirements of medical and nursing schools as per their requirements. We have a very wide range of more than 6000 skills trainers from some of the leading providers in the world offering skills trainers and manikins for all basic skills training needs.


Our Academy consists of Doctors and Nurses who are experts in Simulation – who are International and National Faculties. We offer customized training programs. We assist in designing curriculum and integration of Simulation to Medical Education. We facilitate in drafting academic program curriculum in line with the requirements of the concerned affiliating university for further accreditation. Our association with many healthcare institutes gives us an opportunity to leverage our expertise to take such academic initiatives.

Turnkey Solution

We do Simulation & Skills Centre projects on a turnkey basis – we understand our clients and hand hold them even before the start. We help them plan and design Simulation centres. We do a needs assessment of their UG, PG and Super Speciality Trainings and support them accordingly with relevant Skill trainers, Simulators and trainings. We install and maintain these Simulation Centres.