Skill Training Solution

Injection Training Models

The soft and realistic pad material enables repeated practicing without showing needle holes. Allows practice of intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular injections with safety.

Male & Female Catheterization Trainers Models Set

Anatomically correct models allow practice of male and female urinary catheterization procedures such as preparing the patient, sterile technique of insertion and removal of catheter, and demonstration of balloon inflation. Urine output is seen upon successful insertion. The material gives a realistic feel and flexibility during training. Can be used on a tabletop or for patient simulation.

Lumbar Puncture Trainer

The Lumbar Puncture Trainer closely simulates the lumbar anatomy including the anatomical landmarks. It provides life-like sensation of both skin and tissue resistance to the spinal needle. It comes with 6 different puncture blocks including normal and other pathologies which enables CSF collection and pressure measurement.

Suture Kit

For students and healthcare professionals to learn or perfect the different types and techniques of sutures and skills needed for wound closure. Suture pad consists of epidermis, dermis, fascia, fat, and muscle layers. Skin allows placement and closure of superficial sutures. Learners can make incisions and determine the depth of suturing and the technique to be used. Able to demonstrate knot tying, stapling and placement of staples, use of surgical glue, suturing of deep tissue and subcutaneous tissue.

Basic Buddy Plus

Provides real-time feedback using apps and sensor for effective training. Data is saved digitally. Consists of adult/child and infant manikins. Chest rise is seen upon ventilation. Can use AED training devices.

Adult Venipuncture and Injection Training Arm

For practicing venipuncture at the most common sites in adults. Has a realistic feel through skin and veins. The skin rolls on palpation of the vein, characteristic pop felt when the needle penetrates vein and realistic flashback is seen. Intramuscular injection site simulates muscle tissue with natural bonelike landmarks. Sealant seals punctures in the tubing and prevents leakage.

Pediatric Arm

Represents arm of a 6-year-old child for practicing IM and IV techniques. Lifelike skin allows location of the vein and provides realistic sensation and response. Simulated vein size and feeling of puncture and palpation for practicing venipuncture. Students get the feel while administering injections.

Episiotomy Suturing Simulators

Portable, like-life material provides a realistic feel of instrument handling, tension of suture. Students can practice suturing, learn advantages of different types of tying knot and various repair experiences. For individual or team training. Model consists of 3 different sutures types for practice.

Adult Airway Management Trainer with Board

For Advanced airway management trainings. Manikin consists of detailed realistic anatomy of adult intubation head for clinical teaching and practicing various airway adjuncts use. Learners can do intubation, suctioning, and maintenance.

Infant Airway Management Trainer with Stand

Anatomically correct infant airway manikin for practicing airway management skills. Includes landmarks starting from gum line, tongue upto lungs and stomach. Students can practice oral intubation, and suction techniques for evaluation.

Ear Examination Trainer

Ear examination simulator is an model to acquite safe and reliable skills for examining the external acoustic meatus and tympanis membrane with a direct otoscope. Featured is an alarm when painful insertion is detected.

Eye Examination Trainer

The Eye Examination Simulator is an innovative trainer for fundus examination, designed to allow examination of eyegrounds with the physician’s own ophthalmoscope. Various cases can be set up for trainees using combinations of choice of slides, depth and pupil diameter.

Tube Feeding Trainer

Tube Feeding Trainer is an effective training tool for caregivers and healthcare professionals to acquire skills of enteral tube nutrition. The manikin has three routes for EN tubes and allows training with real liquid foods.

Obstetrics Examination Simulator

Fundamental examination skills for prenatal checkup including palpation, fetal heart auscultation, and abdominal measurements are all effectively trained on this Obstetrics Examination Simulator. Anatomically correct landmarks of pelvis and fetus along with the innovative tissue material provides realistic tactile feeling. Fetal heart sound and umbilical blood flow can be heard from external speaker. It also has remote control for volume and heart rate settings.

Arterial Puncture Wrist

Radial artery puncture is a common approach for blood collection and artery catheterization; however, it is a challenging skill for operators. This innovative simulator is designed to provide training in artery puncture with true-to-life feeling.