Simulation & Skill Trainer Solutions

Turnkey solution for Simulation Lab

Proper and effective medical training can be ensure only through a curriculum which is designed to meet the academic, professional, regulatory and legislative requirements. A Simulation and Skills training facility serves its purpose only when it fully complies with all the necessary criteria. This needs to start from the need analysis, designing of the facility, procurement and installation, training and assessment, incorporating the trainings into curriculum etc. We work with domain experts across all the relevant sectors and help develop the customized curricula to meet every individual needs of each customer.

Designing a Simulation Centre

The concept of simulation in healthcare is to simulation to recreate risky, rare and complex scenarios that are impossible to otherwise accurately duplicate for teaching and training purpose. An ideal Centre should recreate the medical atmosphere in the best way possible and hence the importance for designing of the centre. Right from its location to the placing of each simulator and skills trainer to best replicate the real life situation is extremely important. Design also covers the infrastructure requirement and placing of electrical, furniture and audio-visual designs.


Simulators are artificial recreations of patients or medical procedures to enable risk-free and adequate learning opportunity to trainees. Simulators like the patient simulators, ultrasound simulators, surgical simulators etc acts and reacts as per the trainee’s intervention, thus ensuring the most realistic and efficient training opportunity. They are software controlled/driven which enables it to replicate different scenarios and responses as per the trainer’s command or a trainee’s intervention.

Skill Trainers

Skills Trainers or Task Trainers are mechanically driven manikins, torsos or prototypes for various basic medical skills training. These are for providing the basic trainings to trainees to enable them to use a simulator and eventually to get their hands on a real patient. Skills Trainers are used in preliminary trainings like BLS programs.

Training for Simulation Equipment

Once you have a Simulation & Skills Centre, you need to be training on using those to train the trainees. These training needs to be provided to you by simulation experts. The training would extensively cover both the hardware and software part of orientation of the product, setting up of training, creating scenarios, training methodologies, assessment and evaluation modalities and lots more. A program like this ensures the faculty is well prepared to use simulation as a teaching tool.

Training for Simulation Science

Simulation is not mere running of a scenario and demonstrating it to the trainees. It’s about understanding the educational principles, pedagogy and putting into context the learning tools and engaging the learners. Faculties, before they incorporate simulation into their teaching methodology has to will be introduced to the science behind simulation. An innovative platform for learning like simulation has to be entrusted upon them through extensive interactive sessions. The session also needs to cover the needs of day to day operations for a Simulation Centre, its socio politics, the administrative needs, various accreditation processes and lots more.

Training for Nurses and Paramedics on Skill trainers

Skills Trainers are all mechanical devices and mostly has only the hardware component. The faculties need to be oriented to its operations and technicalities before they incorporate it into their teaching. Every skills trainer or manikin will come with a standard orientation and operating procedures training.

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