Limbs & Things

One of the pioneers in medical skills trainers, Limbs & Things combines medical experience, design expertise and innovation to create models that are renowned for being anatomically accurate and procedurally correct. Their products enable healthcare professionals to learn new skills, improve existing technique and become more confident and competent in their clinical and surgical practice.

Few of the widely used products from Limbs & Things:

Prompt Flex Birthing Trainer

This has a modular design allowing for numerous training scenarios. It is an ideal training solution for all skills relating to routine and difficult deliveries, and can be used for both hybrid simulation and stand-alone bench top training.

Pelvic Examination Trainer – Male & Female

This anatomically accurate trainer is an ideal platform for teaching and learning ‘hands-on’ male and female  pelvic examination and diagnosis.  The user-friendly design, combined with clear anatomic landmarks and a range of pathologies creates a realistic training experience for students across all levels of healthcare education.

Catheterisation Trainer – Male & Female

Advanced Catheterisation Trainer facilitates the teaching of urethral and supra-pubic catheterisation, as well as how to demonstrate self-catheterisation to patients (when using the optional Self Catheterisation Stand). It has interchangeable accurate male and female anatomy, and both sets of genitalia are realistically soft and pliable. The feel of the catheter passing along the urethra into the bladder corresponds closely to real life.

Rectal Examination Trainer

The rectal examination model comprises a realistic representation of the buttocks, anus and rectum enabling the practice of diagnostic skills associated with rectal examination.

Venepuncture Arm

Venepuncture Arm provides the ideal platform for practicing the skills related to venipuncture and IV cannulation.  The bag and stand mock blood supply is perfect for a clinical skills training environment where large numbers of trainees are practicing on a regular basis, or for self-directed learning time in a skills laboratory. Little technical knowledge is required for setup and maintenance.

Breast Examination Trainer

Breast Examination Trainer provides a highly realistic learning platform for acquiring the skills required to Perform Clinical Breast Examination (CBE). Featuring 6 readily interchangeable and multi-positional pathologies, providing healthcare professionals with the tools to identify various complications and pathologies, including carcinomas, cysts, fibrocystic disease and fibroadenoma.  Both Simulated Patient and benchtop training can be used for any undergraduate programs running OSCEs or healthcare professionals promoting best practice techniques to trainees and patients.

Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer

Our Chest Drain and Needle Decompression Trainer has been designed to meet the specific requirements of healthcare professionals training in surgical or guidewire-assisted thoracostomy and thoracentesis.

This product allows for a variety of chest drain insertion techniques to be performed including ultrasound-guided techniques.

Episiotomy Trainer

For the practice and repair of episiotomy and repair of perineal lacerations.

Injection Trainer

Our soft tissue injection pad is designed for practising intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular tissue injection techniques. The Injection Trainer has multiple tissue layers representing the epidermis, dermis, fat and muscle layer, and can easily attach to an arm or thigh to help teach professional-to-patient communication.

Knot Tying Trainer

A comprehensive trainer for teaching all surgical knot tying techniques

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