Dr Rip Gangahar, Consultant Emergency medicine & Trauma lead at NHS Trust UK, was the resource faculty of Emergency Workshop at USIMCON 2018. He provided audience with an in-depth understanding of Ultrasound use as a powerful diagnostic tool that informs a wide variety of decisions. It was clear that profundity of the cross-section of the anatomy was attained when ultrasound probe was used in the right manner. Many of the different Scenarios were run using Blue phantoms, FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma) ultrasound simulator and ultrasound machines.

He gave all students hands-on experience in performing FAST examination and helped in arriving at a diagnosis while reflecting about his experiences in clinical practice. For example in acute diaphragmatic rupture, how the use of FAST helped make a quick diagnosis eventually leading to treatment and successful repair. He talked about Point-Of-Care Ultrasound systems and how it offers a huge potential in saving time and ruling-out various conditions. All in all, he emphasised on learning and educating oneself with ultrasound education in emergencies as it leads to patient safety.