eTahthya Solution

eTahthya  revolutionizes Patient Data in a Critical and Semi-critical Healthcare environment by allowing Healthcare Providers to access data from any mobile devices and analysis of patient care  database for better patient treatment  management & EMR solution. All at the cost of a patient monitor


eTathya is a basic HL7 Patient Data Management tool for easy Capture, Store, View and Analyze a patient physiological data when connected to certain Bedside Patient Monitors in critical and semi-critical areas in a Hospital





  • A centralized patient database which allows specialized clinicians to remotely view patient monitoring history for better clinical decisions and also reduces travel time and increases access to more patients.
  • Basic charting solution to save Caregiver’s time during emergencies
  • Basic telemedicine solution by transmitting eTathya Patient data over Web to a remote location to a Specialty Hospital and/or to an Intensivist/ Anesthetist  for immediate consultation and treatment for critically ill patients

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