The Cardiac workshop was conducted by Ms Dhanlakshmi Chandrashekaran, Head of Echocardiography – Adult CHD and Fetal Medicine at Narayana Hrudalaya, Bangalore. The session interestingly began with theory on historical developments in the field of echocardiography; especially, evolution in the last half century which has empowered doctors and professionals to use Echocardiography as a diagnostic tool. She provided the audience with a short theory on basics of Echocardiography such as ultrasound principles, image formation and instrumentation. Giving examples from her clinical experiences, she demonstrated the modalities, measurements and quantifications of M-mode, 2D and Doppler. They learnt on usage of Conventional Doppler for identifying pathologies of valves, outflow tract etc. Of particular interest is the long hands-on session with assistance from Dr. Prashanth Y.M., Associate Professor – General Medicine, FMCI which was an engaging experience. She also touch-based on TEE, probe, and discussed the utility of TEE in clinical practice including its indications and contraindications. Subsequently, illustrations were discussed and all of them were assessed with Q & A and post-test for certifications. Finally, it left us all with a great impact that it is difficult to pace with the development of Echocardiography as a modality in Cardiology which highlighted the fact that Echo by Simulation is distinct as it enhances the learning experience and allows training in both TTE and TEE.