Professor David Jeffrey Canty, Consultant Anaesthetist & Director of Ultrasound Simulation from University of Melbourne, was the resource faculty of Anesthesia Workshop. The topic was ‘Focused Ultrasound Simulation Education & Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access and Regional Anaesthesia’. All participants received a pre-reading material so that they were prepared for the session. The workshop started with a didactic lecture covering introductions and basics of ultrasound followed by demo on ultrasound machine (knobs). He talked about how they used Ultrasound for educational purposes at the Ultrasound Education Group, University of Melbourne. He initially demonstrated basic needle techniques for vascular access, arterial line insertion, central venous cannulation, and nerve block of the arm, neck and femoral areas using gel blocks, blue phantoms and ultrasound machines. It was succeeded by hands-on practicals with assistance from Dr David Canty and his colleague Ms Kirsteen along with Dr Shailaja, Associate professor – Anesthesia FMCI. Here, learners set-up equipment with ‘line of sight’, identified various structures in the arm, neck and inguinal regions; using ultrasound guidance in real-time, they cannulated and also performed interscalene and femoral nerve blocks. By the end of the day, everyone had mastered skills and knowledge as evidenced by the pre- and post-test performance evaluation.